Wind turbines in Massachusetts by Dene' Miles via Shutterstock
Dene' Miles via Shutterstock

Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

The following experts are advising Environment Massachusetts in our work to transition Massachusetts to 100 percent clean, renewable sources of energy.
Jonathan Buonocore

Jonathan Buonocore

Research Scientist, Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Education: Sc.D., Environmental Science and Risk Management, Harvard School of Public Health

Areas of expertise:

• Evaluating health co-benefits of climate mitigation strategies, especially for electricity, transportation, and buildings
• Health impact assessment and life cycle assessment of energy systems
• Health impact assessment of geoengineering strategies

Francis H. Cummings

Fran Cummings

Vice President, Peregrine Energy Group

Education: B.A., Economics, Harvard College

Areas of expertise:

• Development, procurement, financing, and contracting for renewable energy and energy efficiency
• Member of RUN Team (“Resilient Urban Neighborhoods”) supporting the virtual microgrids sponsored by Green Justice Coalition members Chinese Progressive Association (Boston) and GreenRoots (Chelsea)
• Former policy director of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and Renewable Energy Trust (now MassCEC)

Joan Fitzgerald

Joan Fitzgerald

Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, 
Northeastern University

Education: Ph.D., Urban Policy and Planning, Pennsylvania State University

Areas of expertise:

• Effective urban practices and governance of climate change in North American and European cities
• Policies to advance adoption of clean energy and the economic development opportunities in green technology

Sarah S. Gardner

Sarah Gardner

Lecturer, Center for Environmental Studies
, Williams College  

Education: Ph.D., Political Science with a focus on urban and environmental policy, City University of New York

Areas of expertise:

• Environmental planning and design and agricultural policy
• Producer of the documentary "Forgotten Farms" as well as other short films, including "Confronting Climate Change"
• Founding member of the COOL Climate Committee and chair of the Agricultural Commission in Williamstown

Jon Levy

Jonathan Levy
Professor and Chair, Department of Environmental Health
, Boston University School of Public Health

Education: Sc.D., Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Areas of expertise:

• Urban environmental exposure and health risk modeling, including methods to quantify the magnitude and distribution of health benefits associated with energy efficiency and renewable energy measures

Sanjeev Mukerjee

Sanjeev Mukerjee

Distinguished College Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Northeastern University

Education: Ph.D., Chemistry, Texas A&M University; M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Areas of expertise:

• Electrochemical technology related to fuel cells, electrolyzers, and batteries

Johanna Neumann

Johanna NeumannSenior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy, Environment America

Education: B.S., Biology & Environmental Studies, Tufts University

Areas of expertise:

• Campaign development, strategy, and tactical implementation
• Communications and public relations
• Clean energy policy

Nathan Phillips

Nathan PhillipsProfessor, Department of Earth and Environment, 
Boston University

Education: Ph.D., Ecology, Duke University

Areas of expertise:

• Land-climate exchanges of energy and greenhouse gases in natural and urban ecosystems

Richard A. Rosen

Tellus Institute (retired)

Education: Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, Columbia University

Areas of expertise:

  • Electric utility planning and operational issues
  • Energy systems research and climate change policy analysis  
  • Expert testimony at dozens of state PUCs, FERC, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and federal district courts on Clean Air Act enforcement
  • Economic and financial analysis
Mark Sandeen

Mark SandeenPresident & Co-founder, MassSolar; 
President, RePower Partners; Select Board Member, Town of Lexington

Areas of expertise:

• Solar developer with experience in renewable energy and energy storage policy and legislation
• Secured the approval of net zero schools, municipal aggregation programs, a climate action plan, a net zero emissions programs, electric vehicle adoption programs, and municipal solar energy projects

Rob Sargent

Rob SargentCampaign Director, Local Solar for All Campaign

Areas of expertise:

• Strategy and program development
• Building alliances
• Policy advocacy
• Public engagement and mobilization

Jen Stevenson Zepeda

Jen Stevenson ZepedaAssociate Director,

Education: Master of Design Studies in Sustainable Design, Boston Architectural College

Areas of expertise:

• Communicating climate science and clean tech issues in an understandable and actionable way
• Collaborating with environmental justice neighborhoods to build clean energy community microgrids

David Timmons

David TimmonsAssociate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

Education: Ph.D., Environmental and Resource Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Areas of expertise:

• Renewable energy economics
• Energy efficiency economics
• Biomass energy

Benjamin S. Weil

Ben WeilExtension Assistant Professor of Building Energy, Department of Environmental Conservation
, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Education: Ph.D., Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., History, Syracuse University

Areas of expertise:

• Building science and energy systems
• Has worked as a policy consultant for utilities, environmental advocacy groups, and municipalities
• Has worked as an energy auditor, insulation and air sealing technician, and building commissioning agent